The Hunt   

What the hunt consists of...

   A typical two day hunt at Golden Prairie begins about 7:00 am Hunter getting ready to start an excellent day of hunting.with homemade breakfast

served at one of the host's home. After
which the hunters return

to the lodge to finish preparing for the
morning hunt. The guide

will load his hunting partner (dog) or
partners and meet at the

lodge. The hunting party will follow the guide to the field to start
the hunt. One of Golden Prairie's hunting dogs bringing in a bird as a hunter looks on.

   The hunt will continue till around the 11:30 time then break for

lunch. Another home cooked meal just like Mom made. After a

morning hunt and a huge lunch, the hunters usually insist on a

break in the early afternoon. The hunt in the afternoon usually isn't as long as the morning

hunt. Which lets everyone rest including the dogs. 

Three of Golden Prairie's hunting dogs pointing, ready for the pheasants to fly.   The next morning begins the same as the first. We try to be

done with both days limits by noon. Lunch is served in the usual

style. The hunters are ready for the trip home after recieving

their limits of pheasants or chukar. Then its goodbye till the urge

again for more fun and excitement.

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