Hunter getting ready site in on a pheasant in flight.

Welcome to Golden Prairie Hunting Services!!

  At Golden Prairie Hunting Service, we take pride in offering the highest quality pheasant hunting in the country. All of the hunts are guided by men who know both the area and the ways of the ringneck pheasant.

   Our Guides do more than just lead the hunters toward great gunning. Whether it be the extra effort put forth to find a downed bird, the added time spent helping a beginner or just the friendly conversation, they'll do their best to make your stay with Golden Prairie the hunt of a lifetime.The Ringneck Pheasant is a well known game bird in the southwest Kansas area.

   Ringneck pheasants are one of the world's greatest game birds, possessing plenty of cunning and beauty as well as providing excellent tablefare. At Golden Prairie we specialize in offering hunters the finest pheasant hunting available.
   Family owned and operated in southwest Kansas, Golden Prairie is in the heart of some of America's top pheasant country. Our hunts take place on thousands of acres of cut cropfields, weed rows, and patches - many of which we manage especially for prime pheasant habitat.

   Watching a good dog solving the trail of a running bird, or making a long retrieve on a wounded pheasant that otherwise would have escaped, adds almost as much to the hunt as  Golden Prairie Hunting Services Golden Retriever bringing in a downed pheasant. the birds themselves. Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs or they can enjoy hunting behind Golden Prairie's well-trained and hard-working hunting dogs. To view more information about the hunting dogs, or to buy a dog, visit the Dogs link on the right side of the page.

   At Golden Prairie we offer a number of different hunting packages that are put together to fit each group perfectly. To find out more information on our hunting packages visit the Packages link on the left side of the page.

  For more information about our company visit the About Us link on the right side of the page.

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This targets Golden Prairie Hunting Services history on how they began their services.
Golden Prairie Hunting Services support both pheasant and chukar partridge guided hunts.
Golden Prairie Hunting Services provide top notch dogs for the guided hunts; info for buying hunting dogs can be found here.
Golden Prairie's guides and dogs are very experienced, which makes your pheasant or chukar partridge hunt that much better.
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